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Election Night Live Blogging Experiment

Here is a look at my thoughts during the course of Election Night 2008. I decided just today to update all of the final results and organize my updates all into one post. Hope you enjoy!

Update #1 (as of 7:15 PM):

Just to let you know what races I will be watching tonight. Expect a new update about every hour or so tonight, as I will be crunching numbers in the biggest races:

Presidential Races:
Colorado (polls ranging from 4 to 6 for Obama)
Florida (polls ranging from -1 to 2)
Georgia (polls ranging from -7 to -4)
Indiana (polls ranging from -3 to 0)
Montana (polls ranging from -5 to -2)
North Carolina (polls ranging from -2 to 1)
North Dakota (polls ranging from -6 to -2)

New Hampshire (polls ranging from 5 to 9)
New Mexico (polls ranging from 6 to 9) Continue reading


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The Boots (November 4, 2008)

Boot Up: Cavaliers + Hornets – The Cavaliers lost in New Orleans the other night as Chris Paul had yet another amazing night, but you will be hearing about these two teams well into the NBA Playoffs this season. Simply because LeBron had an off shooting night on the road against one of the top teams in the Western Conference, does not mean that Cleveland will trail behind Boston, Detroit, or Orlando again this season. This was not supposed to be a very easy game for the Cavaliers, and I expect within the team’s record to start to bounce back within the next week or so. The Hornets on the other hand, should continue to be a force in the Western Conference with stud-muffin Chris Paul and free agent pick up James Posey. In the next Boot Down about the most recent big trade in the NBA, I will analyze the rankings of the Eastern Conference, and here is my analysis about the West:

Western Conference Preview:

The LA Lakers are the top team in the NBA without a doubt. A healthy Andrew Bynum playing alongside Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Kobe Bryant means that the Lakers have the best starting lineup in the entire league. As is well documented on The Wages of Wins blog, it seems like that Lakers will be the top team in the league for quite some time as well. Continue reading

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