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The Boots (July 16, 2008)

Boot Up: Oklahoma Outlaws – The Seattle Supersonics are officially moving to Oklahoma City. The newest team in the NBA has a very complicated history, as special clauses in the arrangement between Seattle, and Oklahoma City allow this new team to share the history of the old Sonics. Either way you slice it there is no doubt in my mind that the team name should be the Oklahoma Outlaws. Including the term “City” is very old-fashioned, and if you look at all of the major sports, only Kansas City does such a thing. The team nickname Outlaws is catchy, somewhat modern, original, and is more related to the history of the state than many current team nicknames such as the Utah Jazz, and LA Lakers. The entire process was extremely complicated in moving the Sonics away from their home, and I do not expect this team to compete for a very long time, but it definitely should be interesting to see when the new logos comes out.

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The Boots: 2008 MLB All-Star Edition

Boot Up: Consistent MLB Performers – Last year in my e-mail, I introduced the idea of runs created within Major League Baseball statistics. The theory behind this statistic is that the thing that most correlates to personal success in the major leagues is not batting average, on-base percentage, home runs or anything simple like that. A run created is an elaborate statistic that incorporates all of the different parts of an offensive game (such as stolen bases, sacrifices, double plays, strikeouts, walks, etc.) and can be measured per 27 outs, or per 100 plate appearances.

I recently created something I refer to as Runs Created per 100 Plate Appearances Over Average Level, which shows how many “runs created” a particularly player has been above average given his plate appearances on the season. For example, in 2008, the Major League average has 12.401 runs created per 100 plate appearances. If a batter has created 30 runs in 200 plate appearances, then on the year he has been 5.198 runs created per 100 plate appearances over average level (30 – 24.802). Using that idea, I located which players have been the most consistently above average in the major leagues over the last year and a half (the limit of my database).

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